Starting in 1991

The Arthur/Hunter area Dollars for Scholars, under the Dakota school system, was started in March of 1991.  The first donation of $100 was made by Rick Burgum which was used to pay our initial certification fee with Scholarship America.  The Glen Pueppke Family made a $1,000 memorial donation in the memory of Howard Pueppke which qualified us for the $1,000 matching grant from the Scheels Corporation.  With these first donations we were off and running and were able to award two $500 scholarships to Dakota High School Graduates that first year. 

In the Fall of 1992 the Cass Valley North Dollars for Scholars Chapter was formed with the aid of the Arthur/Hunter Dollars for Scholars which qualified both chapters for a $1,000 grant from the Scheels Corporation.  Both chapters operated independently until the merger of the two schools districts in 1997. 

Joining Forces

Beginning with the start of the 1998-1999 school year, the two chapters merged to form the Northern Cass Dollars for Scholars.  With memorials, business donations, individual pledges and contributions, and many various fund raising projects throughout the year by the chapter and students, the chapter has shown substantial growth.  Examples of our annual fund raising projects are the annual phone-a-thon, home game drawings, guess the weight of the pumpkin, chili feeds, three point sponsors, direct solicitations to area businesses and alumni to name a few. 

Success So Far

Over the life of the chapters we have awarded in excess of $640,000 to over 500 students (figures do not include awards students received from Cass Valley North Dollars for Scholars).  Our current assets exceed $371,000 in our endowment fund and working capital accounts.  Our current goal is to help every student that applies with a scholarship, which averages $500 - $1,500.  Through the generous donations and support from our communities we have been able to meet those goals and expect to continue to meet or exceed them in the years to come. 

We are able to handle almost any type of donation or endowment request through our present structure.  We can handle named scholarships with specific targeted education fields or disciplines, or general donations of cash or assets.  If you are interested in making a donation or endowment please contact any of the local board members, write to Northern Cass Dollars for Scholars, PO Box 268, Hunter, ND 58048, click on the Donate Now tab or appropriate endowment or sponsored scholarship link for more information.  What better investment can we possibly make that will continue into perpetuity and contribute to the continued education of our area youth?