Dear Alumni,

Do you remember the dreams you had as a high school senior about what you would do after graduation and where you would go to college, trade school or elsewhere?  Do you remember how you worried about how you were going to pay for the next years of your education?  Would you need to work and how much could your parents help to cover those costs?  Can you imagine how much more difficult it is today to pay for the spiraling cost of a postsecondary education?  Many students today are unfortunately unable to realize their dreams, unless they receive assistance!

We at the Northern Cass Dollars for Scholars are asking for your help in assisting our graduates with continuing their education.   With the enclosed materials we hope to convince you that you can help and make a positive contribution in helping our graduates achieve their dreams.

Northern Cass School District is comprised of children from the communities of Argusville, Arthur, Erie, Gardner, Grandin and Hunter.  The former Eagles, Knights, Braves, Gophers, or Hornets and subsequent Eagles and Warriors are now The Jaguars of Northern Cass and are all attending together in a new school located between these communities.

Our Northern Cass Dollars for Scholars Foundation is locally funded and run by volunteers of the communities we serve.  We are affiliated with the national Scholarship America Foundation.  All of the money raised each year is used to pay for scholarships for our students or to build an endowment fund, which needs to keep growing to meet the needs of our graduates.  Your help is needed!

Of our graduates last year (2021), 34 were awarded roughly $35,570 in the form of scholarships and excellence in education awards from funds donated by alumni, patrons, and friends.  Since being able to award only $1,000 thirty (30) years ago, we have been able to increase our assistance each year.  But the size of our graduating classes keep growing, the number of students going on to college keeps getting bigger, and the cost of postsecondary education keeps going up.  We cannot rest on our accomplishments, and therefore invite you to assist us with your donation to our efforts.

The enclosed brochure lists numerous ways that you can give.  If you would like to create an Endowed Scholarship in your name or for someone you cherish, a gift of $5,000 or more is required.  We already have a number of these.  You are able to specify the criteria.  For more information about this or any planned giving, please contact our treasurer, Jason Hauff at or Ben Olson at  

Your gift will send a message to students of the Northern Cass Dollars for Scholars communities that you have faith in them, and that you are willing to put your money on the line for them.  It is an opportunity to give back to your community school where you were educated and give forward to our young people's future.  Thank you for your tax-deductible contribution!




Julie Keckler, Acting President

Northern Cass Dollars for Scholars