At our graduation ceremony held in May of 2021, Northern Cass Dollars for Scholars was able to award 34 participating area seniors with scholarships totaling $35,570.  That was an average scholarship of over $1,046.00 per student.  Students that attend universities that have matching funds for Northern Cass Dollars for Scholars scholarships receive another amount equal to what we presented them.  We feel this shows that even the universities see this as a very worthwhile organization. 

Our fundraising efforts include:

  • "Home Game Drawings" where we sell $10 tickets and winners are announced at home basketball games.
  • "$20 for a TD" we solicit business or individuals to donate $20 for every touchdown scored by our "Jaguar" football team.
  • "Buck-an Ace & Dig" we solicit business or individuals to donate $1 for every ace & dig scored by our "Jaguar" volleyball team.
  • "Buck-A-Point" we solicit business or individuals to donate $1 for every point scored by our "Jaguar" girls and boys varsity basketball home games.
  • Adopt-A-Class is a program where we solicit a sponsor(s) for each class K-12, the sponsor or sponsors stay with the class the duration of their education, each year they meet with the class sometime during the school year and donate $1 for each student within that class(es) that year, this money stays with this class until the year they graduate at which time it is awarded.
  • Phone-A-Thon was conducted by this year's seniors who call each household in the district asking for a donation.  We feel this is an excellent experience for our students and last year we raised approximately $7,500 plus $7,500 in a matching donation.

The Northern Cass Dollars for Scholars chapter would like to commit to an average scholarship of $1,100 in 2022.  We currently have 53 seniors that will be eligible to apply for our scholarship, meaning we will commit up to $58,300 in scholarships. This is our challenge, and we are hoping for your help.  

You have been an excellent supporter in the past, and it is organizations such as yours that help us to make this scholarship program available to our students.  If you could consider a donation to our program, it would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you so much for your consideration.